U07 Emergency Use of U07

Provisional assignment of new diseases of uncertain etiology or emergency use (U00-U49)

U07 Emergency use of U07 U07.0 Vaping-related disorder
Dabbing related lung damage
Dabbing related lung injury
E-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury [EVALI]
Electronic cigarette related lung damage
Electronic cigarette related lung injury

Use additional code to identify manifestations, such as:
abdominal pain (R10.84)
acute respiratory distress syndrome (J80)
diarrhea (R19.7)
drug-induced interstitial lung disorder (J70.4)
lipoid pneumonia (J69.1)
weight loss (R63.4)

U07.1 COVID-19

Use additional code to identify pneumonia or other manifestations, such as:
pneumonia due to COVID-19 (J12.82)

Excludes2: coronavirus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere (B97.2-)
coronavirus infection, unspecified (B34.2)
pneumonia due to SARS-associated coronavirus (J12.81)

U09 Post COVID-19 condition

U09.9 Post COVID-19 condition, unspecified
Post-acute sequela of COVID-19

Code first the specific condition related to COVID-19 if known, such as:
chronic respiratory failure (J96.1-)
loss of smell (R43.8)
loss of taste (R43.8)
multisystem inflammatory syndrome (M35.81)
pulmonary embolism (I26.-)
pulmonary fibrosis (J84.10)

Note: This code enables establishment of a link with COVID-19.
This code is not to be used in cases that are still presenting with active COVID-19. However, anexception is made in cases of re-infection with COVID-19, occurring with a condition related to priorCOVID-19.